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A special thank for your support in the organisation of RFAS at the Antwerp 10 miles & our annual Charity Dinner !

What we do

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Finally after 15 years of charity work in Africa, India and south East Asia, Nadjmi Foundation has found the possibility to create a center of Excellence in Shiraz in the south of Iran. The idea is to establish a model center with 3 goals.

Treatment of patients

Surgical treatment is only a part of cleft care. Other medical disciplines such as orthodontics, speech therapy, genetics and others are important in order to organize a total cleft care.

Training local surgeons

The most important fact in any charity mission is to involve the local people. We have been trying to train local surgeons and other medical and paramedical professionals who are involved in the cleft care.


Taking care of cleft children is an evolving process. Unfortunately there is no consensus in the treatment protocol of these children. Clinical as well as fundamental research are of paramount importance in order to come to a uniform treatment philosophy.

Children with cleft deformity

may have hearing, speech, and feeding problems beside facial growth disturbances and last but not least a scarred soul that reflects their facial disfiguration.

All these can be avoided, if the care is focused in a well-structured, dedicated and professional center.